Lewis & Short

lĭgŭla and lingŭla (v. infra), ae, f. dim. [from lingua: quamvis me ligulam dicant Equitesque Patresque, Dicor ab indoctis lingula grammaticis, Mart. 14, 120], a little tongue; hence, transf.

  1. I. A tongue of land: oppida posita in extremis lingulis promontoriisque, Caes. B. G. 3, 12.
  2. II. The tongue of a shoe, a shoe-strap, shoe-latchet: lingula per diminutionem linguae dicta; alias a similitudine linguae exsertae, ut in calceis, alias insertae, id est intra dentes coërcitae, ut in tibiis, Paul. ex Fest. p. 116 Müll.: habet Trebius, propter quod rumpere somnum debeat et ligulas dimittere, Juv. 5, 20; Mart. 2, 29, 7.
    As a term of reproach: ligula, i in malam crucem, Plaut. Poen. 5, 5, 30.
  3. III. A spoon or ladle for skimming a pot, a skimmer: isque (musteus fructus) saepius ligula purgandus est, Col. 9, 5 fin.
    For taking out and dropping aromatic essences: inde lingulis eligunt florem, Plin. 21, 14, 49, § 84.
    For preserves, Cato, R. R. 84.
    1. B. As a measure, a spoonful: duarum aut trium lingularum mensura, Plin. 20, 5, 18, § 36.
  4. IV. A small sword, Naev. ap. Gell. 10, 25, 3; ct. Varr. L. L. 7, § 107 Müll.
  5. V. The tongue or reed of a flute, Plin. 16, 36, 66, § 171; cf. under II. the passage cited from Paul. ex Fest. p. 116 Müll.
  6. VI. The pointed end of a post or stake, which was inserted into something, a tongue, tenon: lingulae edolatae, Col. 8, 11, 4.
  7. VII. The short arm of a lever, which is placed under the weight to be raised: si sub onus vectis lingula subjecta fuerit, Vitr. 10, 8.
  8. VIII. The tongueshaped extremity of a water-pipe, by which it is fitted into another, Vitr. 8, 7.
  9. IX. The tongue of a scale-beam: examen est ligula et lignum, quod mediam hastam ad pondera adaequanda tenet, Schol. ad Pers. 1, 6.
  10. X. A tongue-shaped member of the cuttle-fish: loliginum ligulas, App. Mag. p. 297, 5.