Lewis & Short

Please consult the preface at Wikisource for advice on how to read and use this dictionary. See also the Wikipedia article for information on its origin and relation to other dictionaries.

The Latin-English dictionary by Lewis & Short was originally digitized by the Perseus Project. This is simply an alternative interface to that digital version. There are many others as well on the net:

I made this page primarily for my own use, not being content with the alternatives. The main raison d’être for yet another version is that I have here tried to normalize and restore the original layout of the printed dictionary, thus reverting or at least disguising many of the (unfortunately frequent) errors in the original digitized document. This is most obvious in the way definitions are listed; I have also tried to fix some of the garbled Greek. In my opinion, this means that this version gives the most faithful and clear presentation of the dictionary currently available. To see what I’m talking about, search for, e.g., “accedo” and compare the results from the different sites.

Nevertheless, all users should be aware that there are still a lot of proofreading errors in all digital versions of this dictionary. I urge anyone, whenever in doubt, to consult the printed book. A scanned copy can be found (and read online) at the Internet Archive.

It is also worth mentioning that this dictionary, while being frequently refered to, really has been superseded by the Oxford Latin Dictionary, which, however, is not as easily available online.