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trans, prep. with acc. [Sanscr. tar-, to put across; tiram, brink; Gr. τέρμα, goal; Lat. terminus, etc.],

  1. I. across, over, beyond, on the farther side of.
    1. A. With verbs of motion: trans mare hinc venum asportet, Plaut. Merc. 2, 3, 19; cf.: qui trans mare currunt, Hor. Ep. 1, 11, 27: hominum multitudinem trans Rhenum in Galliam transducere, Caes. B. G. 1, 35: vexillum trans vallum hostium traicere, Liv. 25, 14, 4: trans vallum transicere signum, id. 41, 4, 2; cf.: cineres transque caput jace, Verg. E. 8, 102: trans Apenninum coloniis missis, Liv. 5, 33, 9: curvos trans ripam miserat arcus, Ov. M. 9, 114: Naevus trans Alpes usque transfertur, Cic. Quint. 3, 12.
    2. B. With verbs of rest: Germani trans Rhenum incolunt, Caes. B. G. 1, 28: trans Tiberim hortos aliquos parare, Cic. Att. 12, 19, 1: si scisset, sibi trans Euphratem esse pereundum, id. Div. 2, 9, 22: domino trans ripam inspectante, id. Mil. 27, 174: eo ipso tempore trans mare fui, id. Inv. 1, 29, 45: trans flumen, id. ib. 2, 31, 97: tuae res gestae ita notae sunt, ut trans montem Taurum etiam de Matrinio sit auditum, id. Fam. 2, 15, 5: colonia, quae trans Padum omnia loca tenuere, Liv. 5, 33, 10: omnibus ultra castra transque montis exploratis, id. 22, 43, 7.
  2. II. In composition, trans before vowels, except i, and the consonants b, c, f, g, p, r, t, and v remains unchanged; before i, j, d, l, m, and n the orthography varies between trans and trā, e. g. transdo and trado, transduco and traduco, etc.; the fuller form predominates in Cæsar. The s of trans disappears usually before another s, and always before sc, e. g. transilio, transcendo, transpicio, etc.; cf. Bramb. Aids to Lat. Orth. p. 38; Neue, Formenl. II. 734 sq.
    1. B. As to its signification, trans denotes,
      1. 1. Over, across; as, trado, traduco, transcurro, transeo, etc.
      2. 2. Through, through and through; as, transfigo, transigo, traicio, transadigo, etc.
      3. 3. Beyond, transalpinus.