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sŭb-ŏlĕo (-ŏlo, pres. subj. subolat, Ter. Heaut. 5, 1, 26; cf. oleo init.), ēre, v. n. (prop. to emit a smell; only trop. and in third pers. sing.): hoc subolet alicui, or impers. subolet (alicui), to smell, scent, perceive any thing; I (thou, etc.), perceive, detect, etc. (ante-class.): id jam pridem sensi et subolet mihi, Plaut. Ps. 1, 5, 7; id. Cas. 2, 3, 59; 3, 2, 24; Ter. Phorm. 3, 1, 10: propemodum quod illic festinet, sentio et subolet mihi, Plaut. Trin. 3, 1, 14 Brix ad loc.: scio equidem te, animatus ut sis: video, subolet, sentio, id. ib. 3, 2, 72; id. Cas. 2, 3, 48.