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Plancĭus, i, m., the name of a Roman gens. Thus, Cn. Plancius, a friend of Cicero, and defended by him against a charge of bribery, in an oration still extant; cf. Cic. Red. in Sen. 14, 35; id. Att. 1, 12, 2.

1. plancus, i, m., = πλάγκος, a kind of eagle, Plin. 10, 3, 3, § 7.

2. Plancus, i, m. (flat-footed),

  1. I. a Roman surname: plancae tabulae planae, ob quam causam et planci appellantur qui supra modum pedibus plani sunt, Paul. ex Fest. p. 231 Müll.: vola homini tantum, exceptis quibusdam: namque et hinc cognomina inventa Planci, Plauti, Scauri, Pansae, Plin. 11, 45, 105, § 254: plancus, πλατύπους, Gloss. Cyrill.: στεγανόποδες, planci, Gloss. Gr. Lat. So, Munatius Plancus, v. Munatius.
  2. II. Plancĭānus, a, um, adj., Plancian: Diana, who had a shrine in the house of the Planci, Viscont. Mus. Pio Clem. 2, p. 21 Mediol.