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oscillo, āre, v. n. [2. oscillum], to swing, swing one’s self: oscillum Santra dici ait, quod oscillent, id est inclinent, praecipitesque in os ferantur, Fest. p. 194, 9 and 10 Müll.
Pass.: osculor, Mythogr. Lat. 1, 19 fin.
Hence, oscillans, antis, P. a.; as subst., a swinger: oscillantes, ait Cornificius, ab eo, quod os celare soliti personis propter verecundiam, qui eo genere lusūs utebantur, Fest. p. 194 Müll.

1. oscillum, i, n. dim. [1. os; lit. little mouth; hence],

  1. I. A little cavity in the middle of leguminous fruits, where the germ sprouts forth: oscilla lupinorum, Col. 2, 10, 3.
  2. * II. A little image of the face, a little mask of Bacchus, hung from trees, so as to be easily moved by the wind: tibique (Bacche) Oscilla ex altā suspendunt mollia pinu, Verg. G. 2, 389; cf. Serv. ad loc.; Macr. S. 1, 7; 11.

2. oscillum, i, n. [ob- or obs-cillo], a swing, Fest. p. 194 Müll.; Verg. G. 2, 389 (v. Serv. ad loc.); Tert. Pall. 1 fin.