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mĭsellus, a, um, adj. dim. [miser], poor, wretched, unfortunate (rare, and with Cic. only in the epistolary style): homo, Cic. Att. 3, 23, 6; id. Fam. 14, 4, 3: o miselle passer, Cat. 3, 16.
As subst.: mĭsellus, i, m., a wretch, miserable fellow, Juv. 13, 213.
Esp., applied to the dead: cum alicujus defuncti recordaris, misellum vocas eum, Tert. Test. Anim. 4; Petr. 65.
Of inanim. and abstr. things: redactus sum usque ad hoc misellum pallium, Plaut. Rud. 2, 6, 65: spes, Lucr. 4, 1096.