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1. Mĭlo and Mĭlon, ōnis, m., = Μίλων.

  1. I. A celebrated athlete of Crotona, Cic. Fat. 13, 30; id. Sen. 9, 27; 10, 33; Val. Max. 9, 12, 9 ext.; Vitr. 9 praef. § 2; Plin. 7, 20, 19, § 83.
  2. II. A king of Pisa, in Elis, Ov. Ib. 327.

2. Mĭlo, ōnis, m., a name assumed by T. Annius, as an admirer of Milo of Crotona, and the leader of a band of gladiators. He was the son of C. Papius Celsus and Annia, daughter of C. Annius, who adopted the grandson. He was tribune of the people with Clodius, B. C. 57, but afterwards killed the latter, and was defended by Cicero in an oration still extant (pro T. Annio Milone).
Hence, Mĭlōnĭānus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to T. Annius Milo, Milonian: tempora, i. e. the time when Milo was indicted, Balb. ap. Cic. Att. 9, 7, B, 2.
Subst.: Mĭlōnĭāna, ae (sc. oratio), the oration of Cicero for Milo, Cic. Or. 49, 165; Mart. Cap. 5, § 526.