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1. Hŏrātĭus, a,

  1. I. name of a Roman gens.
        1. a. Horatii, the three brothers, in the time of Tullus Hostilius, who fought against the Alban Curiatii, Liv. 1, 24 sq.
        2. b. Horatius Cocles, who, in the war with Porsenna, defended a bridge single-handed, Liv. 2, 10.
        3. c. Q. Horatius Flaccus, the famous Augustan poet, Juv. 7, 62.
          In fem.: Hŏ-rātĭa, ae, the sister of the Horatii, Liv. 1, 26 fin.
  2. II. Derivv.
    1. A. Hŏrātĭus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to a Horatius, Horatian: gens, Liv. 1, 26: virtus, Verg. Cul. 359: lex, Liv. 3, 55; Gell. 6, 7, 2.
    2. B. Hŏrātĭānus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to the poet Horace, Horatian: ille Atabulus, Gell. 2, 22, 25.

2. Hŏrātĭus, a, um, adj., v. 1. Horatius, II. A.