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accūsātĭo, ōnis, f. [accuso], complaint, accusation, indictment.

  1. I. In abstr.: ratio judiciorum ex accusatione et defensione constat, Cic. Off. 2, 14: comparare and constituere accusationem, to bring in, Cic. Verr. 1, 1: intentare, Tac. A. 6, 4: capessere, id. ib. 4, 52: exercere, id. H. 2, 10: factitare, to pursue or urge, Cic. Brut. 34: accusatione desistere, to desist from, give up, id. Fragm. Corn. ap. Ascon.; later, demittere, Aur. Vict. 28, 2: accusationi respondere, to answer, Cic. Clu. 3.
  2. II. In concr., the bill of indictment, the action or suit: in accusationis septem libris, i. e. in the Orations against Verres, Cic. Or. 29, 103; so Plin. 7, 30, 31, § 110.