Lewis & Short

sĕquestro, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. [sequester] (late Lat. for sequestro do or pono; v. sequester, I.).

  1. I. Lit., to give up for safekeeping, to surrender: hominis tibi (sc. terrae) membra sequestro, Prud. Cath. 10, 133: corpora sepulturae, Tert. Res. Carn. 27 med.
  2. II. Transf., to remove, separate from any thing: causam motūs ab eo, quod movetur, Macr. Somn. Scip. 2, 14: se a rerum publicarum actibus, id. ib. 1, 8 med.: omni ab infamiā vir sequestrandus, Sid. Ep. 1, 11: sequestratum animal, separated, Veg. 2, 1, 5: sequestrata verecundia, laid aside, Macr. S. 7, 11; Vulg. 1 Macc. 11, 34.