Lewis & Short

ălĭmentārĭus, a, um, adj. [alimentum], pertaining to or suitable for nourishing (a legal term; in the class. per. only once; later in the lang. of law and in epitaphs).

  1. I. Adj.: lex, relating to the apportionment of provisions among the poor, Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 6 Manut.: causa, Dig. 2, 15, 8: ratio, ib. 48, 13, 4: res, Amm. 20, 8; cf. id. 21, 12.
  2. II. Subst.: ălĭmentārĭus, i, m., one to whom means of subsistence has been left by will, Dig. 2, 15, 8 al.