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2. trājectus (in Cæs. transjectus), ūs, m. [traicio].

  1. I. Abstr., a crossing or passing over, passage (class., but not in Cic., who uses instead trajectio): transjectus in Britanniam, Caes. B. G. 5, 2; 4, 21; id. B. C. 2, 20: in trajectu Albulae amnis submersus, Liv. 1, 3, 8; 35, 51, 1: tempestate in trajectu bis conflictatus, Suet. Aug. 17.
  2. II. Concr., a place for passing over, a passage: legiones et auxilia mittit ad trajectum, Auct. B. Alex. 56, 5; Plin. 6, 23, 26, § 98.

transjectĭo, transjectus, trans-jĭcĭo, v. traj-.