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ālec (better, allec; hallec also in MSS.), ēcis, n., or ālex (hāl-), ēcis, f. and m. (v. Rudd. I. p. 17, n. 93; Schneid. Gr. 2, 110 and 128), acc. to Plin. 31, 8, 44, § 95, the sediment of a costly fish-sauce, garum; and in gen. the sauce prepared from small fish, fish-pickle, fish-brine: alec danunt, * Plaut. Fragm. ap. Non. 2, 395; 120, 3: faecem et allec, Hor. S. 2, 4, 73; 2, 8, 9 K. and H.: putri cepas hallece natantes, Mart. 3, 77 Schneid.
The plur. not in use, v. Prisc. p. 686 P.

ālex, v. alec.