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sēvir or sexvir (in inscrr., where this word most freq. occurs, commonly written with numerals, VI. vir, or ĪĪĪĪĪĪ. VIR), vĭri, m. [sex-vir], a member of a board or college consisting of six men, a sexvir.

  1. I. One of the presidents of the six divisions of Roman knights, Inscr. Orell. 732; 1172; 2242; 2258 al.
  2. II. Augustalis, a member of the college of priests dedicated to Augustus, Petr. 30, 2; Inscr. Orell. t. ii. p. 197 sq.; v. Augustalis.
  3. III. A member of a municipal directory of six men, Inscr. Grut. 418; 365, 3.

sexvir, v. sevir.