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mustum, i, v. mustus, II.

mustus, a, um,

  1. I. adj., young, new, fresh (as adj. only ante-class.): agna, Cato ap. Prisc. 711 P.: vinum, id. R. R. 115.
  2. II. Subst.: mustum, i, n., new or unfermented wine, must, Cato, R. R. 120: dulce, Verg. G. 1, 295: novum, Plin. Ep. 9, 16, 2: linire victuro dolia musto, Juv. 9, 58.
    Plur., of the different kinds of must, Plin. 14, 20, 25, § 125 al.
    Poet. in plur.: musta, ōrum, vintages, i. e. autumns: tercentum musta videre, Ov. M. 14, 146.
    Trop.: quasi de musto ac lacu fervidam orationem fugiendam, Cic. Brut. 83, 288.
    1. B. Transf., of oil: olei musta, new oil (al. olei, quam musta), Plin. 15, 1, 2, § 5.