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mĕdĭcābĭlis, e, adj. [medicor].

  1. I. Pass., that can be healed or cured, curable (poet. and not ante-Aug.): nullis amor est medicabilis herbis, Ov. M. 1, 523; id. H. 5, 149: vulnus, Sil. 10, 416.
  2. II. Act., healing, curative, medicinal (post-Aug.): sucus, Col. 7, 10, 8: mel, Pall. Jan. 15, 19: carmen, soothing, Val. Fl. 4, 87.
    Hence, adv.: mĕ-dĭcābĭlĭter, medicinally (post-class.), Pall. Febr. 31, 2.