Lewis & Short

meddix (medix), icis, m. [from the root med-, medeor; cf. Homeric μέδοντες], he who cares for, attends to, a curator, the title of a magistrate among the Oscans: meddix apud Oscos nomen magistratūs est. Ennius: summus ibi capitur meddix, occiditur alter, Paul. ex Fest. p. 123 Müll. (Enn. Ann. v. 296 Vahl.).
With the epithet tuticus (which prob. answers to the summus of Ennius, and is allied to totus), joined into one word, meddixtuticus or medixtuticus, Liv. 24, 19, 2; 26, 6, 13: is summus magistratus erat Campanis, id. 23, 35, 13.