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Libs (Lips), ĭbis, adj., = Λίψ,

  1. I. Libyan; subst., a Libyan; of Antæus, Sid. Carm. 9, 94.
  2. II. The west-south-west wind: ab occasu brumali Africus: Noton et Liba nominant, Plin. 2, 47, 46, § 119: velivolique maris constrator leuconotos libs, Aus. Technopaegn. de Deis, 12.
    Form Lips: Africus furibundus apud Graecos Lips dicitur, Sen. Q. N. 5, 16, 5; cf. Suet. Fragm. § 151 (p. 231 Reiffersch.).

Lips, v. Libs.