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jŏcŭlus, i, m. dim. [jocus],

  1. I. a little jest or joke (a favorite word of Plautus): per joculum et ludum oblectare aliquem, Plaut. Truc. 1, 2, 11; usu. in abl. manner: joculo dicere aliquid, to say a thing in jest, id. Merc. 5, 4, 33: Egone te joculo modo ausim dicto aut facto fallere? id. Most. 3, 3, 20; id. Rud. 3, 4, 24.
  2. II. Concr.: jŏ-cŭli, ōrum, m., toys, playthings, Vitr. 4, 1, 9.