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inscriptĭo, ōnis, f. [inscribo], a writing upon, inscribing; an inscription, title (class.): nominis inscriptio, Cic. Dom. 20, 51: quod de inscriptione quaeris, non dubito, quin καθῆκον officium sit; sed inscriptio plenior, de officiis, id. Att. 16, 11, 4.
An inscription on monuments: hinc illa infelicis monumenti inscriptio, turba se medicorum periisse, Plin. 29, 1, 5, § 11: frontis, a branding on the forehead, Petr. 106; 103; so plur., Sen. de Ira, 3, 3, 6: servi, quibus stigmata inscripta sint, Gai. Inst. 1, 13.
An accusation (post-class.): libellos inscriptionis deponere, Dig. 48, 5, 2.