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1. casnar, in the lang. of the Osci, an old man, Varr. L. L, 7, § 29, p. 86 Bip.; Paul. ex Fest. p. 47 Müll. Here belongs the fragment of Varr. ap. Non. p. 86, 20: cum more majorum ultro carnales arripiunt, where others prefer the reading casnares; cf. Momms. Unt. Dial. p. 268 (carnales is perh. a euphonic form for casnares, from a Lat. sing. carnal = casnar, as foedesum, plusima, asa, asena = foederum, plurima, etc.; cf. the letter R).

2. casnar, acc. to Quint. 1, 5, 8 Gallic, = assectator, attendant (Meyer, l. l. and Or. Rom. Fragm. p. 530 compares the old French, casnard, flatteur, adulateur; casnarder, aduler, idolatrer. But it is to be remarked that the best MSS. of Quint. l. l. give casami, casamo, casamum, and the like; v. Spald. and Zumpt N. cr. ad h. l.).