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căcŭla (cacula, Plaut. Ps. Arg. 2, 13 sq.), ae, m. [Sanscr. cak-, to help; cf. calon; v. Paul. ex Fest. s. h. v. p. 45 Müll.; Fest. s. v. procalare, p. 225 ib.], a servant, esp. the servant of a soldier: cacula = servus militis (militaris? cf. the passage foll., from Plaut.), Fest. p. 35: cacula δοῦλος στρατιώτου, Gloss.: video caculam militarem me futurum, Plaut. Trin. 3. 2, 98; so id. Ps. Arg. 4; and perh., acc. to the MSS., also Juv. 9, 61, where Jahn reads casulis; cf. Weber, Juv. Excurs. in h. l.