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Sĕrēna, ae, f., a Roman female name; esp., the wife of Stilicho, eulogized by Claudian, v. Claud. Laud. Ser.

2. Sĕrēnus, i, m.; Sĕrēna, ae, f. [1. serenus], a proper name.

  1. I. Q. Serenus Sammonicus, a physician under Septimius Severus, Spart. Get. 5, 5; Macr. 3, 16, 6.
  2. II. Q. Serenus Sammonicus, son of the preceding, author of a poem, De Medicina, still extant, Lampr. Alex. 30, 2; cf. Teuffel’s Roem. Lit. 379, 4.
  3. III. Serena, the wife of Stilicho, and mother-in-law of the emperor Honorius, celebrated by Claudian in a special poem (Laus Serenae Reginae).