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Hŏnōrĭus, ĭi, m.,

  1. I. son of the emperor Theodosius I., and brother of Arcadius, the first emperor of the western Roman empire, Claud. Nupt. Hon. 118; Aur. Vict. Epit. 48 fin.
  2. II. Derivv.
    1. A. Hŏnōrĭānus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to the emperor Honorius, Honorian: thermae, Cod. Theod. 15, 1, 50.
    2. B. Hŏnōrĭădes, ae, m., a male descendant, son of the emperor Honorius, Claud. Nupt. Hon. et Mar. 341.
    3. C. Hŏnōrĭas, ădis, f., a female descendant, daughter of the emperor Honorius, Claud. Laud. Seren. 130.