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Jūda, v. Judas.

Jūdas, ae, or Jūda, indecl. m., = Ἰούδας.

  1. I. Judah, son of Jacob and patriarch of one of the tribes of Israel: istae sunt familiae Juda, Vulg. Num. 1, 26: dixit Judas fratribus suis, id. Gen. 37, 26.
    1. B. Transf., the tribe of Judah, descendants of Judah: in diebus illis salvabitur Juda, Vulg. Jer. 23, 6.
      Of the land inhabited by the tribe, Vulg. Judic. 10, 9 al.
  2. II. Jude or Judas, one of Christ’s apostles, Vulg. Jud. 1, 1; id. Matt. 13, 55.
  3. III. Judas Iscariot, Sedul. Carm. 5, 38; Vulg. Matt. 10, 4; Juvenc. 4, 428.
  4. IV. Judas Machabæus, Vulg. Macc. 2, 4 et saep.