Lewis & Short

Nŏvensĭdes or Nŏvensĭles, dii, ĭum, m. [novus-insideo], the new gods (those received from abroad, in opp. to indigetes, the native gods): Feronia, Minerva, Novensides a Sabinis, Varr. L. L. 5, § 74 Müll. N. cr.; cf., respecting the form with d, Mar. Victorin. p. 2470 P.: Cincius numina peregrina novitate ex ipsā appellata pronuntiat, Arn. 3, 38 Orell.; cf. id. 3, 39 fin.: Jane, Juppiter, Mars pater, Quirine, Bellona, Lares, Divi Novensiles, Dii Indigetes, etc., a form of prayer in Liv. 8, 9, 6; cf. Mart. Cap. 1, § 46.