Lewis & Short

Marcŏmăni and -manni, ōrum, m. [marka, a march, border; the marchmen, borderers], a Germanic people, a portion of the tribe of the Suevi, who, after their defeat by Drusus, removed from the Rhine and the Main to the country of the Boii (Bohemians), Caes. B. G. 1, 51; Tac. G. 42; id. A. 2, 46; 62; Vell. 2, 108; 109; 110 and 382; Stat. S. 3, 3, 170; Vop. Aur. 13, 3.

  1. A. Marcŏmănĭa and -mannĭa, ae, f., the country of the Marcomanni, Capitol. M. Aur. 24, 5.
  2. B. Marcŏmănĭcus and -mannĭcus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to the Marcomanni, Marcomannic: bellum, Capitol. M. Aur. 17; Eutr. 8, 12; 13: MARCOMANNICVS MAXIMVS, a surname given to Caracalla, commemorative of his victory over the Marcomanni, Inscr. Mur. 1021, 7.