Lewis & Short

†† galba, ae, f. [Gallic, perh. kindr. with the Germ. gelb (yellow) or Kalb (calf)].

  1. I. A small worm, the ash-borer, or the larva of the ash-spinner, Bombyx aesculi, Linn. acc. to Suet. Galb. 3.
  2. II. In the Gallic, i. q. praepinguis, fat paunch, big belly, acc. to Suet. Galb. 3.
  3. III. As a prop. name: Galba, ae, m.
    1. A. Name of a chief of the Suessiones, Caes. B. G. 2, 4, 7; 2, 13, 1.
    2. B. A surname in the gens Sulpicia, Suet. Galb. 3.
      So, Ser. Sulpicius Galba, consul in 610; v. Sulpicius; and the emperor of the same name, Suet. Galb.; Juv. 8, 5; 222.