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stăbŭlor, ātus, 1, v. dep. n. (collat. form stăbŭlo, āre; v. in the foll.) [stabulum] (mostly poet. and post-Aug.; not in Cic.).

  1. I. Neutr., to have an abode anywhere; to stable, kennel, harbor, roost, etc. (mostly of animals).
          1. (α) Dep. form: aviaria, in quibus stabulentur turdi ac pavones, Varr. R. R. 3, 3, 7: bos sicce, Col. 6, 12, 2: pecudes multae in antris, Ov. M. 13, 822: pisces in petris, Col. 8, 16, 8: serpens in illis locis, Gell. 6, 3, 1: ut permittat jumenta apud eum stabulari, Dig. 4, 9, 5.
            Poet.: Tartessos stabulanti conscia Phoebo, i. e. setting (qs. returning to his lodging-place), Sil. 3, 399.
          2. (β) Act. form: centauri in foribus stabulant, Verg. A. 6, 286: una stabulare, id. G. 3, 224: pecus sub Haemo, Stat. Th. 1, 275: pariter stabulare bimembres Centauros, id. ib. 1, 457.
  2. * II. Act., to stable or house cattle: ut alienum pecus in suo fundo pascat ac stabulet, Varr. R. R. 1, 21.