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sătĭrĭcus (on account of the confusion of the Roman Satira with the Greek Satyros, often erroneously written Sătyrĭcus; hence in the neutr. even with a Greek ending, Sătyrĭcon; cf. satirographus), a, um, adj. [satira], of or belonging to (Roman) satire, satiric, satirical: satirici carminis scriptor, Lact. 2, 4, 3; so, materia, Sid. Ep. 8, 11; Schol. Juv. 1, 168.

    1. 1. să-tĭrĭcus, i, m., a writer of satires, a satirist, Sid. Ep. 1, 11; 4, 1.
    2. 2. Sătĭrĭcon, i, n., the title of a work of Petronius.