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rŏgātor, ōris, m. [rogo].

  1. I. In publicists’ lang.,
    1. * A. One who proposes a law to the people, the proposer of a law, presenter of a bill: legum, Lucil. ap. Non. 383, 14 (v. infra, II. A.).
    2. B. An officer in the voting comitia who asked the people for their votes, a collector of votes, a polling-clerk, Cic. N. D. 2, 4, 11: justus comitiorum rogator, id. Div. 1, 17, 33; 2, 35, 74: vos rogatores, vos diribitores, vos custodes fuisse tabularum, id. Pis. 15, 36.
  2. II. Transf., in gen.,
    1. * A. One who makes a proposal, a proposer (in allusion to the signif. I. A.): haec epistula non suasoris est sed rogatoris, Cic. Att. 16, 16, B, 9.
    2. B. A beggar, mendicant, Mart. 4, 30, 13; 10, 5, 4.