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permĭtĭes (-ĭcĭes), ēi, f. [per and root mi-; Sanscr. mi-, perire; cf. Gr. μινύω, μείων; Lat. minor, minimus; a distinct word from pernicies, v. Corss. Krit. Beit. p. 266 sq.; Munro ad Lucr. 1, 451; Koch, Exercitt. Crit. in Prisc. Poët. Rom., Bonn. 1851, p. 9; cf. contra, Bergk, Beit. z. Lat. Gram. 1, 154 sq.; Ussing ad Plaut. As. 132; Lorenz ad Plaut. Most. 1, 1, 3], a wasting away, perishing; ruin, destruction, decay (cf.: pernicies, labes, exitium): erilis permicies, of a slave, Plaut. Most. 1, 1, 3 Ritschl; also in all MSS. Plaut. Ps. 1, 3, 130; and in good MSS. id. As. 1, 1, 120; id. Bacch. 4, 7, 29; cf. Non. p. 153; 218.