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părastătĭcus, a, um, adj., = παραστατικός,

  1. I. of or belonging to pilasters, parastatic, Inscr. Fabr. p. 688, n. 100.
  2. II. Subst.: părastătĭca, ae, f., = παραστατική.
    1. A. A square pillar or column, a pilaster: columnae atque parastaticae (al. parastatae), Plin. 33, 3, 15, § 52; Vitr. 9, 9; cf. Inscr. Labus Epigrafe Lat. Scop. ap. Egitto, p. 7.
    2. B. In plur.: părastătĭ-cae, ārum, f., two bones in the knee of a horse, Veg. Vet. 4, 1.