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oppĭdānus, a, um, adj. [oppidum], of or in a town other than Rome (since urbanus signifies, of Rome, from the capital); sometimes in a depreciating sense, opp. to urbanus, of or belonging to a small town, provincial (class.): senex quidam oppidanus, Cic. de Or. 2, 59, 240: oppidanum et inconditum genus dicendi, id. Brut. 69, 242: lascivia, Tac. A. 14, 17.
Subst.: oppĭdānus, i, m., a townsman: oppidani domus, Liv. 29, 9, 2.
In plur.: oppĭdāni, ōrum, m., the inhabitants of a town other than Rome, townsmen, townsfolk (esp. when besieged), Caes. B. G 2, 33; 7, 12; 13; 58; Liv. 36, 25.