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mundo, āre, v. a. [1. mundus],

  1. I. to make clean, to clean, cleanse (post-Aug.; syn.: purgo, emendo): mundatur nitro, Plin. 33, 6, 34, § 103: praesepia mundanda curare, Col. 12, 3: perlui et mundari, Mamert. Grat. Act. 9 fin.
  2. II. Transf. (eccl. Lat.), to cleanse, make clean.
      1. 1. Ceremonially, according to the Levitical law of uncleanness: et purificabis eos (sc. Levitas), Vulg. Num. 8, 6.
      2. 2. Spiritually, from sin: ab occultis meis munda me, Vulg. Psa. 19, 12: mundemus nos ab omni inquinamento earnis et spiritūs, id. 2 Cor. 7, 1.
        Hence, mundātus, a, um, P. a., cleansed, clean (late Lat.); in comp.: quam sim ab illā peste mundatior, Aug. Conf. 10, 37.