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1. lŭto, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. [2. lutum], to bedaub with mud or clay.

  1. I. Lit., Cato, R. R. 92: nidosque reversa lutabit hirundo, Calp. Ecl. 5, 17: lutati tituli statuarum, Lampr. Elag. 14.
  2. II. Transf., to bedaub, besmear: ne lutet immundum nitidos ceroma capillos, Mart. 14, 50, 1: crassis lutatus amomis, Pers. 3, 104.

* 2. lūto, āvi, ātum, v. freq. a. [for luito, from luo; cf. Paul. ex Fest. p. 116, 5 Müll.: litatumquasi luitatum], to pay: lutavi, Varr. ap. Non. 131, 21.