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lŏcātĭo, ōnis, f. [loco], a placing, locating; a disposition, arrangement.

  1. I. In gen.: recta locatio, prioribus sequentia annectens, Quint. 7, 1, 1 dub. (Zumpt, collocatio): locatio verborum, id. 9, 4, 32.
  2. II. In partic., a letting out, leasing: quae (porticus) consulum locatione reficiebatur, Cic. Att. 4, 3, 2: fundi, Col. 1, 7, 3: locationes praediorum rusticorum, the farming out of the Macedonian crown-lands, Liv. 45, 18.
    1. B. Transf., a contract of letting or hiring, a lease, Cic. Att. 1, 17, 9: consensu fiunt obligationes in locationibus, Gai. Inst. 3, 135; 142 sqq.