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1. jŭgo, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. [jugum], to bind to laths or rails.

  1. I. Lit.: furcas vel palos perticis jugare, Col. 12, 39; 12, 15, 1: vineam, id. 4, 26, 1.
  2. II. Transf., to marry (poet.): cui pater intactam dederat, primisque jugarat Ominibus, Verg. A. 1, 345.
    1. B. In gen., to join, connect: sol vagus igneas habenas Immittit propius, jugatque terrae, Naev. ap. Macr. S. 1, 18.
      Hence, jŭ-gātus, a, um, P. a.
    1. A. Joined, connected: virtutes inter se nexae et jugatae sunt, Cic. Tusc. 3, 8, 17.
    2. B. Jugata verba, derived from one another (as justus, justitia, juste), Quint. 6, 3, 66; cf. 5, 10, 94.

2. jugo, ĕre, v. n., to utter the note of the kite (milvus), Varr. ap. Non. 179, 2; cf. Paul. ex Fest. p. 104 Müll., and jugit ικτὶν βοᾷ, Gloss. Philox.