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injectĭo, ōnis, f. [inicio].

  1. I. A throwing in; lit., med. t. t., an injection, clyster, Cael. Aur. Tard. 5, 4, 69; 5, 1, 10; id. Acut. 1, 17, 167.
  2. II. A laying on: manus, a laying on of the hand, an act by which one takes possession of a thing belonging to him without a judicial decision: patri in filium, patrono in libertum manus injectio sit, Quint. 7, 7, 9: aeris confessi debitique jure judicatis triginta dies justi sunto; post deinde manus injectio esto, Lex XII. Tab. ap. Gell. 20, 1, 45; Dig. 2, 4, 10 al.
    1. B. Transf.: habebat enim vera secum bona, in quae non est manus injectio, i. e. such as cannot be grasped by the hand, Sen. Const. 5, 7.
  3. III. Trop. (late Lat.).
    1. A. An instigation, suggestion: Satanae, Tert. de Pudic. 13 init.
    2. B. An objection, Tert. ad Hermog. 10.