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cĭnĕrārĭus, a, um, adj. [cinis], pertaining to ashes.

  1. I. As adj. very rare: fines, boundaries of land bordering upon graves, Auct. Limit. p 296 Goes.
  2. II. More freq. subst.
    1. A. cĭnĕrārĭus, ii, m., a servant who heated in glowing ashes the iron used in curling hair, a hair-curler, Varr. L. L, 5, § 129 Müll., Cat. 61, 138; Sen. Const. 14, 1; Acro ad Hor S. 1, 2, 98; Tert. ad Uxor. 2, 8.
    2. B. CINERARIVM, ii, n., in tombs, the receptacle for the ashes of the dead, Inscr. Orell. 4358; 4513 al.