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caudĭcārĭus (cōdĭc-), a, um, adj. [caudex], of or pertaining to the trunks of trees: naves, made of rough, stout trunks of trees (cf. caudex, II.), Varr. and Sall. H. Fragm. ap. Non. p. 535, 15 sq.; Sen. Brev. Vit. 13, 4; cf. also Paul. ex Fest. p. 46 Müll.: caudicariae naves ex tabulis grossioribus factae.
Hence, patroni caudicarii, masters of such ships, Cod. Th. 14, 4, 9.
Subst.: caudĭ-cārĭi or cōdĭcārĭi, ōrum, m., those who sail on such ships (esp. those who brought the corn from Ostia to Rome), Cod. Th. 14, 3, 2; 14, 15, 1; Inscr. Orell. 1084; 3178 al.; cf. Becker, Antiq. 3, 2, p. 92.