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căthŏlĭcus (catholicus, Prud. Apoth. 70), a, um, adj., = καθολικός,

  1. I. universal, relating to all (post-Aug.; in Quint. 2, 13, 14 as Greek, transl. by universalis and perpetualis; cf. Cael. Aur. Acut. 1, 5, 46): catholica et summa bonitas Dei, Tert. adv. Marc. 2, 17.
    Adv.: căthŏlĭcē: in medium proferre. Tert. Praescr. 26.
    More freq. subst.: căthŏlĭca, ōrum. n., the universe: anne caelestes dii catholicorum dominantur? App. Trism. 39, p. 100, 13: catholica siderum, general properties, Plin. 1, epit. 2, n. 15; so, fulgurum, id. n. 55
  2. II. Orthodox, catholic (eccl. Lat.): fides, Prud. στεφ. 11, 24 et saep.: ecclesia, Cod. Th. 16, 5, 47 al.
    Adv.: căthŏlĭcē: dictum, Hier. in Ruf. 2, 3.