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an-nŭo (better adn-), ŭi (ūvi, Enn. ap. Prisc. p. 882 P.), ūtum, 3, v. n. [-nuo, whence nutum; Gr. νεύω; cf. abnuo], to nod to, to nod.

  1. I. In gen.: ne illa ulli homini nutet, nictet, adnuat, Plaut. As. 4, 1, 39: adnuerunt sociis, Vulg. Luc. 5, 7: simul ac adnuisset, at the first nod, Cic. Quint. 5: adnuentibus ac vocantibus suis evadit, Liv. 1, 12: adnuit, et totum nutu tremefecit Olympum, Verg. A. 9, 106; to ask by a wink or nod (opp. renuo), Tac. A. 15, 58.
  2. II. Esp.
    1. A. To give assent or approval by nodding, to nod assent to, to approve, favor, allow, grant. promise to do (constr. with dat. of person, or with acc. of thing and dat. of person; opp. abnuo, to dissent, refuse): daturine estis an non? adnuunt, Plaut. Truc. prol. 4: adnuo Terram intuens modeste, * Ter. Eun. 3, 5, 32: id quoque toto capite adnuit, Cic. de Or. 2, 70, 285; id. Phil. 13, 3: non adversata petenti Adnuit, Verg. A. 4, 128: audacibus adnue coeptis, be favorable to, smile on our undertakings, id. G. 1, 40; id. A. 9, 625; Plin. Ep. 1, 22 fin.: amicitiis adnuere, Vulg. 2 Macc. 14, 20: Adnuit precibus Lysiae, ib. ib. 11, 15: Omnia omnibus adnuit, Cat. 61, 159.
      With acc. of thing: quod cum rex adnuisset, Vulg. 2 Macc. 4, 10.
      With acc. and inf.: adnuvit sese mecum decernere ferro, Enn. ap. Prisc. p. 882 P.: ego autem venturum adnuo, Plaut. Bacch. 2, 2, 9; Liv. 28, 17; Verg. A. 11, 20.
    2. B. Adnuere alicui aliquid; poet., to promise or grant something to one: caeli quibus adnuis arcem, Verg. A. 1, 250: sin nostrum adnuerit nobis Victoria Martem, shall grant us a successful engagement, id. ib. 12, 187: ni divūm pater adnuisset rebus Aeneae potiore ductos alite muros, Hor. C. 4, 6, 22: adnuite nutum numenque vestrum invictum Campanis, give your assent, etc., Liv. 7, 30.
    3. C. To designate a person or thing,
          1. (α) By a nod: quos iste adnuerat, Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 61.
          2. (β) By a wink: quae adnuit oculo, Vulg. Prov. 10, 10; so absol.: adnuunt oculis, they make signs with their eyes, ib. Psa. 34, 19; ib. Prov. 6, 13; ib. Eccli. 27, 25.
          3. (γ) By the hand: adnuens eis manu, ut tacerent, Vulg. Act. 12, 17: adnuit manu ad plebem, ib. ib. 21, 40.
            Hence, in gen., to indicate, declare: falsa adnuere, Tac. A. 14, 60.