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ambĭfārĭam, adv., v. the foll. fin.

ambĭ-fārĭus, a, um, adj. [cf. the Gr. δι-φάσιος, τρι-φάσιος, and v. aliquot-fariam], that has two sides, of double meaning, ambiguous (only post-class.): fabulae, Arn. p. 181: obtentio, id. p. 182.

    1. 1. * ambĭfārĭē, adv., ambiguously, Mamert. Stat. Anim. 1, 3.
    2. 2. ambĭfārĭ-am, adv. (orig. acc. fem. sc. partem), on two sides, in two ways, ambiguously, = in utramque partem, App. Flor. 4, 18, p. 360, 25; so id. Mag. p. 276, 2.