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ā-mando, āvi, ātum, āre, v. a., to send forth or away, to remove (commonly with the access. idea of contempt; in the anteAug. per. only in Cic., and freq.): an amandārat hunc? Cic. Rosc. Am. 15, 44 Matth.: amandat hominem quo? Lilybaeum, id. Verr. 2, 5, 27: amandati et repudiati coloni, id. Scaur. Fragm. p. 205 Beier; so id. Dom. 25; id. Quir. 4 fin.; id. N. D. 2, 56 fin.; id. Att. 7, 13; Tac. H. 4, 56; Gell. 12, 1 fin.