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ăd-umbro, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a., to bring a shadow over a thing, to cast a shadow on, to shade or overshadow by something.

  1. I. In gen.
    1. A. Lit., constr.: aliquid aliqua re (so only in later authors): palmeis tegetibus vineas, Col. 5, 5: adumbrantur stramentis uvae, id. 11, 2, 61.
    2. B. Trop.: ut notae quoque litterarum, non adumbratae comarum praesidio, totae ad oculos legentium accederent, Petr. Sat. 105.
  2. II. Esp. in painting, to shade, to represent an object with the due mingling of light and shade, σκιαγραφέω (therefore not of the sketch in shadow, as the first outline of a figure, but of a picture already fully sketched, and only wanting the last touches for its completion): quis pictor omnia, quae in rerum natura sunt, adumbrare didicit? Quint. 7, 10, 9: Quod pictor adumbrare non valuit, casus imitatus est, Val. Max. 8, 11 fin.
    1. B. Fig.
      1. 1. To represent a thing in the appropriate manner: quo in genere orationis utrumque oratorem cognoveramus, id ipsum sumus in eorum sermone adumbrare conati, Cic. de Or. 3, 4; 2, 47; id. Fin. 5, 22: rerum omnium quasi adumbratas intellegentias animo ac mente concipere, i. e. preconceptions, innate ideas, Gr. προλήψεις, id. Leg. 1, 20.
      2. 2. To represent a thing only in outline, and, consequently, imperfectly: cedo mihi istorum adumbratorum deorum lineamenta atque formas, these semblances, outlines of deities (of the gods of Epicurus), Cic. N. D. 1, 27: consectatur nullam eminentem effigiem virtutis, sed adumbratam imaginem gloriae, imperfectly represented, id. Tusc. 3, 2.
        Hence, ădumbrātus, a, um, P. a.
    1. A. Delineated only in semblance, counterfeited, feigned, false: comitia (opp. vera), Cic. Agr. 2, 12, 31: indicium, id. Sull. 18 fin.: Aeschrio, Pippae vir adumbratus, id. Verr. 2, 3, 33, § 77: laetitia, * Tac. A. 4, 31.
    2. B. Devised in darkness, dark, secret: fallaciae, Amm. 14, 11.
      Comp., sup., and adv. not used.