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salvātor, ōris, m. [salvo].

  1. I. In gen., a saviour, preserver (late Lat.; class. servator): Cicero Soterem salvatorem noluit nominare, Mart. Cap. 5, § 510; Vulg. Isa. 17, 10: IOVI SALVATORI, Inscr. Grut. 19.
  2. II. In partic., in the Vulg. and Christian fathers, as a transl. of σωτήρ and Jesus (Heb. [??]), the Saviour, Redeemer: Christus Jesus, id est Christus Salvator: hoc est enim Latine JesusSalus Latinum nomen est: salvare et salvator non fuerunt haec Latina, antequam veniret Salvator, etc., Aug. Serm. 299, 6; cf. id. Trin. 13, 10 fin.; Tert. adv. Marc. 3, 18; Lact. 4, 12, 6; Prud. στεφ. 1, 115; Vulg. Luc. 2, 11; Sedul. 2, 155 et saep.