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Phĭlŏmēla, ae, f., = Φιλομήλη.

  1. I. Lit., daughter of Pandion, king of Athens, and sister of Progne; she was violated by her brother-in-law, Tereus, and was changed into a nightingale: respondeo, Natas ex Philomelā atque ex Progne esse hirundines, Plaut. Rud. 3, 1, 12; Hyg. Fab. 45; Ov. M. 6, 424 sq.; Verg. E. 6, 79 Serv.; Mart. 14, 75, 1.
  2. II. Transf., the nightingale (poet.), Verg. G. 4, 511.
    1. B. The swallow: mortalium penatibus fiducialis nidos philomela suspendit, Cassiod. Var. 8, 31.
    2. C. The name of a play, Juv. 7, 92.