Lewis & Short

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Mĕdūsa, ae, f., = Μέδουσα,

  1. I. daughter of Phorcus; she captivated Neptune with her golden hair, and became by him the mother of Pegasus. Minerva, as a punishment, turned her hair into serpents, and gave to her eyes an enchanted power of converting everything they looked upon to stone. Perseus, provided with the shield of Pallas, slew her, and carried off her head, while from the blood that dropped from it serpents sprung, Ov. M. 4, 654; 793; Luc. 9, 626.
  2. II. Mĕdūsaeus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to Medusa, Medusan (poet.): monstrum, Ov. M. 10, 22: equus, i. e. Pegasus, id. F. 5, 8; cf. praepes, i. e. Pegasus, id. M. 5, 257: fons, i. e. the fount Hippocrene, struck open by a blow of the hoof of Pegasus, id. ib. 5, 312.